83% of consumers will
always choose a brand with a
better sustainability record
Proudly display ReCircle’s Plastic Neutral label; effortlessly connect with value-aligned customers. Elevate your brand’s sustainability story by communicating loud and clear!

ReCircle’s Plastic Neutral Program

Conscious Consumers enable,
Conscious Brand Owners build,
Conscious Businesses!
Your business generates plastic waste every single day. Take ownership by investing in the
removal and processing of an equivalent amount of plastic waste from the environment.
Become a Plastic Neutral brand by delivering on transparency and trust.

our vision

A single action leads to 
multiple impact streams

Today’s consumers believe that brands have as much responsibility as governments, to create
positive environmental change. Uniquely position yourself by partnering with us to solve the
world’s most urgent, yet resolvable problem.


Designed for ethical
ReCircle’s experience in a varied range of industries allows for a deep understanding of resource limitations and time constraints. We’ve laid the groundwork.
Wellness and
Beauty Brands
Food and
Beverage Industry
Health and
Hygiene Sector

Become Plastic Neutral in 4 Steps

Demonstrate accountability,
instigate action, deliver impact



While you Calculate your Plastic Footprint : 

Let ReCircle audit and confirm your footprint to start planning



While you raise a Order on ClimaOne

Let ReCircle execute on the ground : Collect, Segregate, Recycle!



While you get Plastic Neutral certified through traceable credits via ClimaOne

Let ReCircle create your Plastic Neutral Brand marketing collateral



While you share the success of your neutrality program with Customers

Let ReCircle share the impact of your Eco-Labels, Impact Reports and Certification.

why recircle

Going beyond traditional
to deliver innovative results
ReCircle leads a handful of global PNP providers who exclusively collect Multi Layered Plastics.
We also offer Additionality as a key value proposition; gain access to our comprehensive suite of
innovative initiatives that go beyond business-as-usual practices, and are backed by our Plastic
Credit Standards.
Unlock these advantages in 300+ ReCircle hotspots across India.

Multi-Layered Plastics : Difficult to recover and non-recyclable; rendering it worthless. Yet ReCircle is exclusively committed to the collection of MLPs.

Additionality : Choose to bolster your Plastic Neutral Program by choosing Additionality by Volume, or selecting from our White List.
300+ Locations : ReCircle’s network spans across villages, towns and cities.

Our Clients

Leading the solution,
inspiring the next wave

Hear from our Clients

Real stories, Real impact

Global Partnerships

Local impact, backed by international stalwarts
PCX and Ocean Bound Plastics, globally recognised as industry leaders in Plastic Credits, choose ReCircle to partner with on their campaigns.

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first step
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