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Every time your supply chain faced inefficiencies, limited transparency, and a lack of data-driven insights, you longed for a solution that could transform your operations.

Supply chain optimizer.
Circular Economy enabler.

Gain control over your
sustainability targets with ease

Say goodbye to guesswork and welcome data-driven decision-making. Manage your EPR Compliances, achieve Plastic Neutrality and opt for ethically recycled plastic on ClimaOne. This advanced platform heralds a new era of supply chain management, with inbuilt traceability, analytics, and data capabilities.

feature set

Unlock a wealth of capabilities and advanced functionalities
Say goodbye to manual processes and embrace efficiency with ClimaOne’s intuitive features across Brand, Processor, and Collection portals. Navigate your circular supply chain like you’ve always wanted to.
  • Comprehensive Plastic Credits Traceability
  • Integration to the CPCB Portal, including a Compliance Dashboard
  • Instant Insights, Reporting and Data Visualization
  • Efficient Certificate Tracking and Query Resolution
  • Streamlined Vehicle Tracking and Inventory Management
  • Simplified Certification Validation and Data Availability
  • Comprehensive record-keeping via Audit Logs and Ledger Systems
  • Seamless Integration with Processor and Brand Portals
  • Effortlessly Connect with Key Stakeholders to maximize your reach
  • Benefit from Heightened Security measures and Increased Income Opportunities


Join the ClimaOne

Start Managing Your Waste Effectively with ClimaOne’s simple and quick onboarding.


Register on the ClimaOne Platform.


Seamlessly get integrated with the governmental CPCB Portal.


Track, manage and validate your Plastic Credits, towards EPR compliance and Plastic Neutrality.

Unleash ClimaOne

Monitor your compliance progress and deliver on your SDGs
ClimaOne : ReCircle’s tech-forward platform inbuilt with Traceability, Analytics and Data; take control of your sustainability targets at the click of a button.
  • End to end traceability for plastic credits
  • EPR plastic credits linked to CBCP portal
  • Dashboard & reporting for compliance & SDGs
  • Live data tracking

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ClimaOne in action with a live demo

Schedule a customised demo to witness the power of ClimaOne firsthand! Our experts will showcase the platform’s features, benefits, and how it can simplify your sustainability journey.

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